Let’s SAVE our bees!

  • Let’s SAVE our bees!

    Let’s SAVE our bees!

    Honey Bees are an endangered species.

    • Some 250,000 species of flowering plants depend on bees for pollination.
    • Bees increase the yields of around 90 crops, such as apples, blueberries and cucumbers by up to 30%, so many fruits and vegetables would become scarce and prohibitively expensive.
    • In addition, many of our medicines, both conventional and alternative remedies, come from flowering plants. And cotton is another essential product pollinated by the bee, so we could say goodbye to cheap T-shirts and jeans.
    • But it’s not just the human race that would suffer. Spare a thought for the poor birds and small mammals that feed off the berries and seeds that rely on bee pollination. They would die of hunger and in turn their predators – the omnivores or carnivores that continue the food chain would also starve. We could survive on wind-pollinated grains and fish, but there would be wars for control of dwindling food supplies.
    • One single bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers each day.
    • Bees pollinate 70 of the top 100 human food crops.
    • One of the biggest reasons to care about saving the bees? HONEY! No honey bees, no honey!

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    For these reasons PEST CONTROL EXPERTS do not fumigate honey bees. You should contact your local bee keeper to remove the hive. It is the RIGHT THING TO DO!