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    Safer Pest Control

    Pesticides and other poisons have long been the main source of getting rid of annoying pests. However, we all are now dealing with the ramifications of treating these infestations of mosquitoes, roaches, rats and other varmints with poisons. Exposure to these chemicals has affected the health of not only our pets and other animals, but our own health too. Some of them have cancer-causing agents. These pesticides have also been known to cause immune diseases as well as other disorders.
    Because we all are more cognizant of the environment and the harmful effects of the pesticides, safer pest control measures have been instituted all around the country. It is being recognized that many of these poisons and pesticides rarely reached the intended target, therefore rendering them useless. By using an Integrated Pest Management method, we can stop many pests before they get out of hand.

    Integrated Pest Management prevents pests from getting too rowdy by using methods that are the least invasive, to not only humans but also the environment. Integrated Pest Management focuses on eliminating a pest’s food source and living space. In addition, this management method focuses on physical as well as biological ways to control the pest population.
    One preventative measure with Integrated Pest Management is blocking the method of entry into your home, office or other areas. Installing window screens and caulking cracks in your home’s brick facade or sidewalk are two ways to block entry for pests. Purposely shutting doors and windows and relocating trashcans are also important.

    Cleaning up after meal preparation, tightening trash can lids and properly storing food can also ensure that the Integrated Pest Management system succeeds. Take away their sustenance and those pests will find another place to party. We all have to keep in mind that we also should clean appliances like the can opener or even the stop top, where food particles are most likely to linger.
    If we ditch our packrat ways, and get rid of clutter, there is less of a chance that any pests will be calling your house their home. These annoying critters love hiding, so get rid of those empty paper bags and boxes that might harbor them. However, what if you are unsure if you have a critter problem in the first place?

    The use of glue traps is one way to see what is lurking about. Put these glue traps in the most vulnerable places in your home – the kitchen, bathroom and closets. These three places are popular tourist pest stops because of the food, dark and dampness from the bath or shower. When you locate where the pests are hiding, you can take effective steps to stop them.
    The great thing about employing an Integrated Pest Management System is the budget. Hiring a pest control technician to administer pesticides and poisons can be costly, but with the preventative maintenance steps mentioned earlier, you will ultimately save more money in the grand scheme of things. In addition, getting those critters where they live and breed ultimately cuts their population down considerably.