• Spiders


    Some information about pests and how we can get rid of them.

    The benefits of spiders are apparent. They help reduce many insects and bring normal balances to the insect population. However, some spiders are so dangerous, that their bites are a matter of life and death. Because of this, it is important to know which spiders you are dealing with so that you can treat them accordingly. Many people prefer to take the beneficial spiders and release them back into the wild, while others prefer to eradicate dangerous spiders completely. With so many varieties of spiders and the fact that they can range from beneficial to deadly, knowing where you stand on the issue will help you determine the best course of action. You should also be familiar with your local spiders and be able to identify the common varieties from the dangerous or poison varieties by sight.

    The dangers of spiders are well known, however not all spiders contain poisonous venom. If you want to rid your home of all spiders, the best and most effective way is to keep your house clean. As soon as you see a spider web, you should remove it. A great way to accomplish this is by using your vacuum cleaner attachment. Keeping surfaces clean will also help, but you should pay special attention to your ceilings and corners, and make sure they remain free and clear of all spider webs.

    When spiders move in you may feel like moving out. However, it is important to stand your ground and take your house back from spiders. Spiders like to hide. This is why you will find them occupying closets, garages, and corners that are dark and seldom used. A good precaution is to wear gloves before moving boxes or reaching into closets. This will help prevent being bit by a spider that may have been lurking in the darkness. Spiders like to hide in cardboard, so make sure that you consistently remove debris, loose papers, and extra boxes that are in your home, basement, attic, or garage. These make attractive homes for spiders and the best way to prevent spiders is by reducing their preferred homes.

    Removing spiders from the outdoor environment is also vitally important in treating and preventing them from moving in the home. Cut back any type of greenery that extends to your windows, porch, or roof. This is often a preferred way for spiders to move into your home. Keeping the population of other insects down around your home and yard is another way to decrease the chances of a spider infestation.