What type of pests should I be treating for in my garden RIGHT now…

  • What type of pests should I be treating for in my garden RIGHT now…

    What type of pests should I be treating for in my garden RIGHT now…

    Summer is fast approaching. The daytime temperatures are already going above 25*. Evenings are also getting warmer.

    The big problem to watch out for in your garden.

    at this time, fungal and bacterial diseases such as powdery mildew and black spot on shrubs. Look closely at flowering plants such as roses. The signs to look out for are brown rot on fruit trees and spots on your lawns. Contact us – our qualified staff can assist you with these problems!

    The warmer day time temperatures and humidity are an ideal breeding ground for fungi.

    it is therefore important to regularly treat plants that are susceptible to fungal diseases. A general, broad-spectrum contact fungicide should be used on a regular basis to prevent most fungal diseases. If plants are already infected, a general systemic fungicide can remedy the disease. A multitude of insect pests flourish in your gardens during summer. This is a good time to check your garden for fruit and chafer beetles, fruit flies and codling moths, ants and any of the more than 7000 species. Also look out for army worm and lawn caterpillars in your lawn areas and let us help you to get rid of the pests.

    Common Garden Pests

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