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Saying that an ant infestation is a nuisance to all home-owners alike, is  not an exaggeration. These pests can destroy your food, your home, and your  peace of mind. This list doesn’t include the part where they bite or sting you and your loved ones, destroying the sanctity of your home.

Pest Control Experts provide expert treatment throughout Gauteng which will put an end to your ant infestation. Our team is  certified and trained to examine the affected areas, identify the causes and species you’re dealing with, our team of pest control experts will propose a customised treatment plan that will result in the eradication of pest ant infestations in your residential or commercial property

Ant Control & Extermination Process

1. Ant Inspection

The first step is to determine if you have an ant infestation. We begin with a complete ant inspection by looking for common ant signs. We provide a detailed analysis report with action steps.

2: Ant Control

If signs of ants are found, then the second step of the process is treatment. A comprehensive ant control plan will be executed to ensure the eradication of your ant population.

3: Ant Prevention

To prevent recurring rat and mice infestations, the third step includes prevention measures, which our expert team will advise upon.

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