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Pest control Experts will not exterminate honey bees

We pride ourselves on the fact that we strive to be responsible pest controllers. For that reason, we will not exterminate honey bees!

Beyond it being against every piece of info that is coming from scientists, the killing of bees within properties can cause far more problems in our lives than the bees themselves.
Worldwide, bee populations are in a sharp decline. Exterminations by pest controllers play a very big roll in the decline of the species.
Bees are a very important species; if bees die off it will end most life. In nature, various animals depend on bees for their survival because their food sources – nuts berries, seeds, and fruits – rely on insect pollination. Pollination also allows floral growth, which provides habitats for animals, including other insects and birds. Lastly, bees themselves, and the honey they produce, are a source of food for many animals. While bee populations continue to decline, the production of food crops will decrease as well, as bee pollination is necessary for a large number of important crops we rely on and that feed us. Bees are responsible for pollinating 35% of agricultural production and crops.

If you are having a problem with a beehive – please contact a qualified beekeeper to safely remove the beehive. The easiest is to google – “Beekeepers in my area” to find your closest beekeeper.

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