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Rats and mice, so they say, are everywhere. There are all kinds of predictions on the rat population with age-old sayings such as ‘you are never more than 10 feet from a rat’ etc. However, the truth is, we simply don’t know how big a rat or mice population Gauteng has in the wild; some figures suggest hundreds of thousands, but other estimates say the population of both these rodents is far more.

Pest Control Experts offer comprehensive pest control services throughout Gauteng to deal with rats, mice and other rodent infestations.Our services are centered on identifying the cause of the infestation,  eradicating pest populations, and proactively preventing future rodent infestations. All of Pest Control Expert’s methods are both pet and environmentally responsible.

Rodent Control & Extermination Process

1. Rodent Inspection

The first step is to determine if you have a rodent infestation. We begin with a complete rodent inspection by looking for common rodent signs. We provide a detailed analysis report with action steps.

2: Rodent Treatment

If signs of rodents are found, then the second step of the process is treatment. Depending on the severity of the infestation, a variety of trapping or poisoning strategies may be used.

3: Rodent Prevention

To prevent recurring rat and mice infestations, the third step includes prevention measures, such as bait stations

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