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A termite infestation is worse than most other pest issues are. These pests are notorious for causing a very high level of damage to properties that are very expensive to repair. This would understandably give the property’s owner a great deal of financial strain and stress.

If you see a termite infestation beginning around your property and you’re looking for an effective termite treatment available in Gauteng, look no further.

Pest Control Experts eliminates all termite species from residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We will perform a comprehensive termite inspection, plan our and implement a comprehensive termite control service, and provide you with helpful tips to keeps termites away from your property for good.

Termite Control & Extermination Process

1. Termite Inspection

The first step is to determine if you have a termite problem. We begin with a complete termite inspection by looking for common termite signs. We provide a detailed analysis report with action steps.

2: Termite Treatment

If termites are found, then the second step is treatment. To minimise health risks of fumigation, we will recommend alternative termite treatments that are more eco-friendly to eliminate termite species.

3: Termite Prevention

To prevent recurring termite infestations, the third step includes prevention measures, such as pre-treatment care to new wood constructions plus all-natural home insulation to keep termites away

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